Saturday, 2 June 2012

Simslille gamle bibliotek

The cheaper solution would of course be to keep the beautiful old building. Give it a total makeover and fill it up with the newest computers and board games.
There will, of course, not be room for at cafeteria and a roof terrace is also not available, but the old building do have a lot of charm which maybe fits the sorroundings a lot better than a shining concrete square. The citizens of Simslille are placed in two corners: those who want the new, but most expensive library against those, who prefer the charming old building with is smaller facilities but then still a few simoleons left for the island benefit the children and the old people maybe?
Which of the two would you prefer?
Simslille gamle bibliotek (Simslille Old Library)

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The size of the lot is 20x20. Store items are used, but no CC.
Get Simslille gamle bibliotek (Simslille Old Library) here

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