Saturday, 11 February 2012

Baghuset, get authentic!

This is a copy of a real house, I found on the site of a real estate agency. It is actually a back premises from the very old Copenhagen, when you, like in all bigger cities, I suppose, would build as dense as possible in order to get housing for all the previous farm-workers who came to the city to get work as a consequence of the industrialisation.
The houses were built in quarters with the most expensive and attrative in front and then back house after back house behind the first. The cheapest and poorest houses were of course those in the very back were the sun hardly even reached the roof. It was perfect nests for rats, rot and decease, no wonder the workers and their many children lived a short and sad life.
And then have a look at this baby!

Today this house has become throughout renovated. At least one, but more likely two taller houses in front of it has been demolished, so all of a sudden this tiny, lopsided building lies in the back of a wonderful yard with trees and playground and all the sun and fresh air you can ask for, who would have ever thought that was possible. 
Hardly more than 60 m2, but rather attractive ones, + the stairs and the roof terrace, which of course was not exploited as a special treat back then either.
Actually I´m not entirely sure, that this house would have been for residence, it could as well have been workshop for a carpenter or a tailor or something. At least there is no sign of it having been a drivers premises with the coach in the ground floor, the horse in the first and the coachman in the second. But just imagine, people used to live like that once!


A nice, throughout modernised back building. A tribute to the older Copenhagen or what is left of it. Perfect for the single sim or a couple without children, who just want to enjoy what the city provides. 1 kitchen/dining room, 1 living room, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a roof terrace. No CC. The lotsize is just 10x10!
I´m really not good at taking these pics, I admit that without hesitation, but the one the game has taken to put on The Exchange is a disaster! I have been given a perfectly good description as to how I can make fancy presentation pictures for the Exchange, but I can´t make it work, I`m sorry!
Get Baghuset here...

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