Saturday, 11 February 2012

Damhuset, life as a grown up has to start somewhere!

...and why not here!
For almost nothing you can get your very own house and even a tiny garden and a pond along with it, now if that isn´t luxury!
When we were children most of us have probably been dreaming about leaving home and start on your own. In a fabulous house of course with all possible facilities and absolutely no worries about clean clothes, dinner, bills and so on. But most of us have also had to come to the conclusion that less than that is quite alright at least as a beginning. And can you imagine a world where a house like Damhuset is achieveable to a perfectly young adult, wow, that must be Utopia:

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There really isn´t much to it. Damhuset contains just what a single sim or two who like each other a lot, will need: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and an open kitchen/dining/livingroom. A tiny garden and even a small pond. What more can you ask for? Love in a cottage that is!
Lotsize: 15x10

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