Friday, 10 February 2012

The Star

This will be the largest upload yet on Window to My Sims 3.
And what a house!
The lot is actually not very big, only 25x25, but it´s almost 100 % developed.
You can live here with your children and your parents without even having to meet each other, maybe even your grandparents can have one of the 6 bedrooms.
Have a look here and afterwards go to "read more" to see the slideshow that really presents the house.
The Star
CC: Get the specified list with links by clicking at " read more", here I´ll just mention the names of the artists:
ExoticElements, b5Studio, Awesims, Garden Breeze Sims 3, Apple

This fantastic house contains not less thann 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 family rooms, 1 large living room with study and bar, 1large kitchen with diningroom on the ground floor where you´ll also find the hall (PS I forgot to submit a burglar- alarm so do that first thing!).
Garden Breeze Sims 3 for: egg chair , dew drop ceiling lamps and k2 chair
Awesims for: cushion set, wall lamp
Apple for: african tea tray
I hope that was all, otherwise please tell me :)

Or go to my Helter-Shellter section for an empty, cc-free shell

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