Thursday, 2 February 2012

Smallville Police Station

Smallville Police Station
CC: Oldham curtains by Mutske/TSR
Kate Bathroom curtains by Angela/TSR
Prison cell windows by Cyclonesue/TSR
Rabbit hole replacement rug by Jynx/ Custom Sims 3
There aren´t many villains in a small town like Smallville, at most a teenager who have forgotten to go home at night or the worst kind, people who spit on the sidewalk and steel candy from the little children. But a town needs a police station anyway, not the least because of the good jobs that follows.

Get Smallville Police Station here...

Well, it turned out that I had to make a light version as well, if I wanted the thing in the Exchange, so you can get that one here. Basically I just replaced all CC with EA-stuff, except the rabbit hole replacement rug by Jynx/

Get Smallville Police Station Light here:...

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