Thursday, 2 February 2012

Style & Tattoo

Today´s offer is a beauty parlor with a tattoo salon upstairs. I´ve tried to differ the two having in mind that they could be owned and run by two friends or siblings. The style is rather brothel-like, I think, and that was exactly what I was heading for. Before tattoos hat such a rennaisance they were considered really poor taste, it used to be naked women on the sailors´ arms or a heart with "Mother" written in it. And when I was a child hairdressers often hat this, well, in danish we would use a word like sultry, I have no idea if it can be used when in english? The meaning would be something like a bit (or actually very) common. I think, I have hit that pretty offense!

Style & Tattoo



The place is built on a 15x10 lot and contains Store-items but no CC.

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