Monday, 6 February 2012


Once there let´s just stay in Sweden for a while.
This cottage has plenty of room for a whole family. 4 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a study, a large kithen/diningroom and a livingroom. The garden is microscopical, so there´ll be no arguing about who´s turn it is to mowe the lawn. the lot is 15x20.
I have included a few CC-item to which you´ll find the links below the first pic. But as the 11+ Mb turns out to be too much for the Exchange, I´ll be back with a no CC version later. Only in my personal opinion hardly as nice. But you can judge for yourself.
Her is Augustigården with CC:
CC: Paintings and Lean lamp by b5studio
Souris wall-hanging plant by
Cushionsets 1-3-4-5 by Awesims
SY ceiling lamp  by D3VV/TSR
Pax Uggdal Bedroom rug by  riccinumbers/TSR

Get Augustigården with CC here....

Get Augustigården NO CC here...(7/2-2012)
I´ve finally made it to 3,67Mb but it still seems too much for the Exchange, so I guess I´ll have to do a shell version if I insist on having it there! I´m getting close to an explosion!!!

Or get the empty shell here... I.e. a house with nothing except kitchen and bathroom furniture