Saturday, 28 January 2012

Fitness Friend

Isn´t it  a fantastic antigram for Torture Chamber, I just figured the latter would attract the wrong sims.... My decision to make a whole bunch of community lots on very small pieces of land really became a trial with this fitness center. It´s build on a 15x10 lot and as I needed more floors I also had to add either stairs or lifts and that caused me some severe thinking. A single staircase is a no go for community lots in my opinion, sims will get out of their mind because others are blocking the stairs all the time. Only one lift gives you problems as these are actually the slowest lifts ever seen, so you need at least two. And both stairs and lifts need lots of space. Now you can judge for yourselves which one you prefer if you wish to visit this fitness center, you can always change things in your own game, remember.

Fitness Friend....Well, looking at these pics won´t cause you sweat or tears

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