Sunday, 29 January 2012

Villa Ville Kulla Daycare

"Is this place a residence or  a community lot?" You might ask. And to that I can only answer: "Both"
The ground floor is the commercial part where the owner of the house can run a kindergarden for a living. And after work, he or she can just go upstairs to the private rooms. Up there is a whole apartment with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen/living room.
The kindergarden part contains a nursery, a childrens´ bathroom, a kitchenette and a large daily room with all kind of toys for kids of all ages. Even the garden has become a playground so this is just the perfect place for the simmiebabies when their parents are busy. It is build on a 15x20 lot and holds no CC but some Store-items.


I don´t know why, but the thumbnail of  Villa Ville Kulla Daycare won´t show up i The Exchange, but you can still download the lot from there I suppose. Otherwise you can always use my Mediafire link beneath the Exchange link.


  1. Very nice! Thanks.

  2. Hur snyggt som helst, ska prova den. Vad lustigt, jag har en dotter som går på ett dagis som heter villa villekulla.

  3. Nä men det var väl roligt. Jag medger då att det kanske inte var det mest originella namn, jag hadde hittat, men barnvänligt i alla fall :-)