Friday, 27 January 2012

Brasserie Celine

Even the owner of the smallest hotdog-stand wants people to know, that her stand is something special. We all like to be told that people appreciate what we are doing, but lets face it, some lines are more fashionable than others. If for instance you own a diner, deep inside you know, that running a michelin-restaurant is a bit more fashionable. so why blame a few sims if they overdo the place they are working or their title a bit! They just realize, that we are all too easy to impress. I would like to introduce you to Brasserie Celine, the "poshest" diner ever:

Brasserie Celine
CC: rabbit hole replacement rug by Jynx/

This place is made on a 10x15 lot
Just because your restaurant is just a diner there is no need to behave like that. At Brasserie Celine we treat all our customers like royalties! This is a rabbit hole and works because of the rabbit hole replacement rug by Jynx Apart from that, it contains no CC at all.

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