Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Smallville City Hall

I´m pretty proud of myself today. Can you imagine, I have managed to build a whole city hall in just a few hours! But then of course, Smallville is indeed a small town, so they probably don´t need much more than a couple of desks to run the whole business :-)
I´ve tried to find an english word for a place with the function of a city hall but in much smaller scale, but I didn´t succeed. In danish we used to have a municipal office in the smaller towns and  city halls in the bigger places only, but now a days everything has to seem very important, far more important than for normal peolpe to understand and at best we try to give everything an english name, which kind of make things sound modern and fashionable. Thus a cleaning woman has become a renovation assistent! Posh, huh!
I have used a  City Hall rabbit hole replacement rug by Jynx (link under picture) and of course you can put other rug inside the house if you like. For instance you might want the policestation in the same building, as it sure is a small town. Just remember to leave enough space around the rugs in order to avoid problems  with crowds that tend stop everything!
Besides the rug, there is no CC, and the lot is only 20x20!
Smallville City Hall
CC: Credits to Jynx/ www.customsim3.com  for rabbit hole replacement rug

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