Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mini, mini, mini

I love mini lots in case you didn´t notice. Today I have two small provincial town shops for you, one of them, The Three Little Fishes is a rabbit hole for grocery store, dressed up as a fishmonger. The other one: Pets and pud, well, the name says it, it´s a pet shop and not a rabbit hole.
The Three Little Fishes, a grocery store dressed up as fishmonger.
CC: Rabbit hole replacement rug by Jynx/
Pets and Pud, at cute little pet shop

Both shops are build on 10x10 lots and holds NO CC apart from the rabbit hole replacement rug in The Three Little Fishes.

The Three Little Fishes:
Smallville has excellent shops among which you can find this fishmonger. The owner even lives in the top of the building! In order to make this place work as a rabbit hole, I have used the shop rabbit hole replacement rug by Jynx
Get The Three Little Fishes here:...                     
Pets and Pud:
Even a cosy small pet shop you can find in Smallville. The owner is definately not a methodical person, and maybe a bit eccentric, but then, who wouldn´t be after having inhaled pet food dust for years


  1. These are fantastic, thank you...

  2. I like what you do! What world do you use for these mini lots?

  3. Thank you very much both of you.
    I emptied Appaloosa Plains and rebuilt my own town from the very start.I like the size and the nature of that world so much.
    Right now I´m exploring Starlight Shores, but I wouldn´t be surprised if I found myself in Appaloosa again real soon. :)
    It is gone now, though, as I have just reinstalled my computer, so I´ll have to either download my houses again or build some new