Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Art House Applefield CC-free

Any town should have an art museum and Applefield is no exception. So I ´ve built this art house and intend to offer it to you guys in 3 versions: 1. The empty shell, 2. With an exhibition of EA-art only and finally 3. An exhibition with art mostly from my nr. 1 favorite site: http://b5studio.blogspot.com/. This last one I´m just going to make this evening, but if you ask me, I believe, that it by far will be the most interesting as I suppose that most of you just like me are sick and tired of the poor selection the game is born with after having seen it on the sims walls for ages the same paintings again and again :)
Art House Applefield


If you want the empty -shell, go to my Helter-Shell-ter-section

And I´ll be back later with the most interesting version, I promise!

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