Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Smallville School

As you might have read on an older entry, I have been planning to make a series of small lots. And doing that, I of course also need small community lots. So here is my first, a public school. Being a teacher in real life I consider public schools one of our most important joint obligations. I believe that the best schools should be for everybody not only those who can pay!
But building on a small lot kind of puts restrictions on you, and I have found, that without much space my schools tend to be kind of old fashioned. The playground on this one certainly is too.. And mind you, this is a rabbit hole, so I can´t even brag about how creative the place looks inside as it is actually empty :) But still, I think the place looks rather friendly,anyway:
Smallville School
CC: Rabbit hole replacement rug by Jynx/ www.Customsims3.com
You should get the illusion of the gymnasium behind the high windows

The school is build on a 15x20 lot and the cost is around  29-30.000 S.
There is no CC but the rabbit hole replacement rug by Jynx, find the link under the top pic.
Get Smallville School here...

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