Sunday, 15 January 2012


I´d like to stay with the low energy houses for a while.  Concern about the environment is indeed an important cause, but as you probably have noticed, there are not that many windmills on my lots. I like to use my Mb on far less courageous stuff. However, I find the architecture of many of the new danish L E houses rather interesting and thus I look at that and steel with hands and feet for my sim lots.
Spurvebo is limed with the yellow colour typical for the houses of the Skagen fishermen. There is an issue with the roof that I haven´t managed to avoid just like on my previous lot. It doesn´t affect the game though, and I have chosen to keep it that way because the use of different roof styles is important to the profile of the house. This time I have also loaded the house with paintings from b5studio and a single on from awesims. You´ll get links to both underneath the picture of Spurvebo.
CC: Modern Masters/Antique Life Drawings/Sleeps with the Fishes/Lines Squared by
Unmounted by


Spurvebo is placed on a 15x20 lot.
It has 4 bedrooms, in my version one of them is decorated as a study. In addition there is an open kitchen/diningarea, 2 bathrooms and a nice livingroom. The garden is peaceful and no-maintenance. The price for this gorgeous yellow-limed house is around 95.000 S.

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