Saturday, 21 January 2012

Imagine to have the whole world passing by

After having opened this blog I have gone totally bananas studying statistics. Isn´t it amazing that you can add apps that shows you where people come from?
On the map above you can see those who can be seen from the last 100 visitors! I know I am a bit crazy but every day I go in there to find out if I have been given a new country. Almost  all european states have been here except Albania and Macedonia, I think. And at the moment I have a small, crumpled scrap of paper on my desk where I´ve scribbled down every time a new american state occurs, just for fun. A the moment I have 21, and I don´t even think I have been doing it for a fortnight yet. I have 6 continents represented, 7 if you call Egypt an african country, which I would. Several people from a number of asian countries have also payed me a visit. 
But what I have been really surprised about was the short visit from Ho Chi Minh-city, North Vietnam!!! I thought that was impossible? And my son was determined that it was a mistake. but why should it be?
Maybe there has been North Vietnamese spies looking for irregularities in my lots!
I prefer to believe that Ho Chi-Minh uses to play The Sims 3 in his spare time ( if of course he hadn´t died back in 1969). :-D
Anyway, anybody who´d like to visit my blog should feel welcome!

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