Saturday, 21 January 2012

Goods and Gold, Consignment Store

"Even small towns with only small lots need an active business life in order to really bloom".
That was what old Missy van Haflinger thought when she woke up one morning and just knew, that she could do something to prevent her beloved town from withering away. She also realized that there were no heirs to her big collection of things from trips and interests through a whole long life, and she decided to sell it all and donate what she got out of it to the town. So she simply put an add in the newspaper and converted her birth home to a consignment store. And even though dear Missy past away some years ago her cosy (and dusty) little shop still runs. And thanks to her, so does the town.

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The lot is tiny, only 10x15. And the cost is around 45.000 S.
There is no CC, but maybe som Store-item, and definately stuff from some of the expansion-packs.

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