Sunday, 22 January 2012

House of Culture

This lot has an alarming resemblance to the previous Smallville Centre of Culture, you might think. And you are absolutely right. I detected an issue that I didn´t know how to fix, namely the fact that the basement was inaccessable.
Therefore I have made a brand-new " Culture Club", and this time everything works just fine:


As you can see this is really a place where you can outlive a great number of talents. Besides of course borrowing or buying books, you can go to the internet, practice painting and drawing or have a meeting with your associates in the conferrence room. You can watch movies or play chess and as the place is open 24-7 you can even explore space if you like. Lots of sims are prevented from practicing music because of intolerant neighbours but here at House of Culture you can use the Practice rooms all for free!
And, by the way, if you get hungry in the middle of all this, go to the top floor and buy youself a nourishing meal!

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