Sunday, 8 January 2012

Applefield Health Center

After all that nectar you might need some painkillers and in Applefield Health Center you´ll find just the best doctors who can give you a prescription. Applefield is a small town and there is no need for a whole hospital, not the least because the sims mostly use it for childbirth and work. So this clinic just has a few beds, and to be honest I don´t know if they are updated for Pets as they are only there for show, anyway.
Because this lot is actually a rabbit hole!
Once again I have used Jynx´s rabbit hole replacement rugs, and this time even some hospital stuff by Hekate999 and some of Bau´s paintings. Thank you guys, for having made all those things for the rest of us to enjoy.
You´ll find links below the picture:
Applefield Health Center
CC: Rabbit hole replacement rugs by Jynx/
Chinese instructional health paintings by b5Studio
Hospital stuff by Hekate999/MTS
Skeleton by ATS3
Paintings4doctors by ??? sorry, You didn´t mark your things!

Many of you would say: Wow, all these colours in a hospital would really make me sick if I wasn´t poorly enough already! And to that I can only say: that was excactly what a lot of people said some 40 years ago, when Herlev hospital in my neighbourhood first opened it´s door to the public. Based on very serious psychological studies they hired the danish artist Poul Gernes to decorate the 30 level tall building and the result was new to the whole world. It is said that the colours helps you to get well faster!

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