Friday, 6 January 2012

The Applefield Tribune

A decent town will need places to get a job and have a carreer. For the journalists in spe and the office klerks The Applefield Tribune offers that possibility. Fortunately for our sims there never seem to be shortage of employment, I just wish I could say the same about real life.
Once again I have used a rabbit hole replacement rug. It acts a little strange though because you have to click the cursor directly on the rug, if you want to specify why you have gone to the building, i. e. if you want to begin a new carreer there or like to take a writing-lesson. I don´t really know why, but I suspect it could be because there are two doors into the house in stead of only one. And I could of course have removed one of them, but that would destroy the general impression, I think. You can of course change that if you like.

The Applefield Tribune
CC: rabbit hole replacement rugs by Jynx/ Custom sims 3

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