Sunday, 3 February 2013

Casa Carita

Sometimes you just need a house with lots of beds!
I´ve built Casa Carita for a group of young people who needed at place to stay before settleing more permanently.
I my game, I haven´t matched their personalities or anything, so some of them move out rather quickly, but that just gives space for others to move in.

Have a look at the two floors. I know it´s crazy that these overviewpic´s show winter when the sales photo shows summertime, but it may take a while to sell a house during these terrible years of global financial crisis, you know...

But of course you can be invited inside as well, heré´s the kitchen/diningroom 
From one of the bedrooms 
The livingroom 
Fine tiles in the bathrooms
 And from the lovely vegetable garden 
 And a welcoming front 
I suppose you can say it must be some privileeged young people who can afford to live in a place like this. They must have rich parents!
Casa Carita is built on a 20x30 lot. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen/diningroom, 1 livingroom and a smaller familyroom plus ofcourse a vegetable garden.

You can get Casa Carita here

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